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Kids Driving Experience

Kids Drive web

Why should adults have all the fun!

Suitable for kids from just 8 yrs old, even if they can't drive!

This  experience is possibly the most unique and safest driving experience for kids in the uk, our professionalism and experience allow us to offer smaller children an amazing opportunity in a safe and totally controlled environment!

The Experience consists of:

* Welcome & Safety Briefing

* 5 Laps Driving Our  Awesome Subaru Impreza

* Doughnut Arena passenger ride

* Bacon Roll & Drink Of Juice

* Certificate Presentation

* 2 Free Passengers are welcome  (One of which must be  a parent or guardian)

(Allow 1.5Hrs at venue)

PLEASE NOTE: This is an enjoyable yet simple experience allowing kid's the opportunity to drive a Subaru performance car, enjoyable for both boys and girls with the opportunity for mum or dad to come along for the ride!

Takes place at our Worcestershire venue.

Current dates available for this experience: March 8th  April 12th , May 24th


See below questions and answers for more details


We guarantee that this fabulous experience will raise a smile on every childs face, Suitable for both boys and girls from just 8 yrs old upwards, this unique and exciting opportunity to drive a Subaru Impreza around our purpose built circuit is proving to be very popular indeed!

Q : So at 8 years old how are they going to reach the pedals ? 

A: We have a full set of pedals located in the passenger side footwell for our professional instructor to operate the movement of the car, the steering however will be in the capable hands of your little up and coming rally driver!

Q: Will my little soldier / princess be in a safe and controled environment?

A: This really is a safe and unique experience allowing the smaller children to simply steer the car around our circuit at safe speeds controlled by our professional instructors descretion, speed will also be determined on the childs steering capabilities. The movement of the car is under the instructors control at all times.

Q: My Child is tall enough to reach the pedals, will  they be allowed to take control completely?

A: ABSOLUTELY !  and be assured that you can feel completely relaxed as our instructors pedals overide the drivers pedals so 100% safety guaranteed. (Car also fitted with an engine stop button)

Q: Can myself or my husband sit in the car as a passenger?

A: Yes one parent / guardian passenger is required, We welcome Mum, Dad , Nan or Grandad to come along for the ride (Let the kids drive you for a change)

Q: How long will they drive for ?

A: We suggest that you allow 1.5 hours at the venue, they will drive for a total of 6 laps of our mile long circuit, quite tiring for a new rally star but thats not it!  To finish off their amazing experience as a grand finale they will also have a ride in the DOUGHNUT ARENA !

Q: What on earth is the DOUGHNUT ARENA ?

A: Kid's just love the DOUGHNUT ARENA !  They will be in the passenger seat this time as the instructor spins the car around & around & around & around in the arena , it's great fun and see them beaming as the get out ! (If your still unsure, Youtube Ken Block Doughnut !)

Q: Can i purchase incar video of my childs experience ?

A: Yes you can purchase a recording of the experience on S/D Card to take away with you, This can be arranged at signing on upon arrival.

Q: Is there anywhere we can get refreshments?

A: Yes we have our Rally Cafe onsite where food and drinks are available at very reasonable prices.

So having read the above we hope you agree when we say we have a unique & fantastic experience to offer for just £49.99

Visit our shop to book today!

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