Test Day

Test Day Sunday 27th December

Here it is folks, a days fun thats not to be missed

For those who follow us on facebook you may well already know that we have a fantastic reputation for our fun test days, this venue will not disappoint !

  • Birmingham Rally Stage
  • rally8

This twisty but very flowing gravel venue will offer a fantastic days entertainment.

We are based right in the centre of Birmingham at the famous Birmingham Wheels Adventure Park

We plan to run this test day with Covid-19 procedures as a matter of priority, masks must be worn at all times on site, crews will also be asked to observe the strict 2m distancing rules at all times, sanitisers must be supplied b yourselves and used regularly, Temperatures will be taken of all attendees.

Anyone with any signs of any symptoms we ask please do not attend.

Only officials will be allowed onto the actual test stage, strictly no spectators and please be aware that as the venue is fenced all the way around, any opportunist spectators will definatley not gain access and if linked to a crew both they and crew will be asked to leave the venue.

Only 15 cars will be accepted for the day

Cars must have a minimum of a half roll cage, harnesses and helmets must be worn. (No standard road cars just looking for a thrash will be accepted)

     * 9.00am  A guided tour on foot of the stage and a safety briefing for drivers, (No attendance to this will mean no drive)

     * 9.20am Cars will be asked to queue up

     * 9.30 First car will start

Each car will do 2 laps and then flagged off by a marshal, you may then return to the queue if you wish.

We will make route changes as the day goes on to keep you on your toes!

 A passenger is optional

The day will finish at 4.00pm

Tea and coffee will be available to purchase on the day

Entries will be none refundable with the exeption to us cancelling where we will give a full refund.

We have a reputation for offering fun and testing test days, YOU WILL ENJOY !

PLEASE NOTE!  This is aimed to be an enjoyable but safe day, anyone being a total numpty will be asked to leave!

Any further questions please feel free to call me on 07875213645