Extreme Escort Mk2 Full Day Rally £395.00

Full Day Escort Rally Experience £395.00 (Thursdays Only)

We are super pleased to now offer this unique and intense rally experience, why are we unique you may ask ?

Unlike other rally experiences these cars are are not just basic school cars but full on competition spec cars which regularly compete on events. Our cars are producing 200+ Bhp sat on proper suspension with all the bells and whistles as you would expect from a competitive Escort Mk 2.

if you have never experienced the noise of a straight cut rally gearbox, a free revving engine and a car which revives every ounce of adrenaline in your body then this experience is the one for you!

No other rally experience in the country offer Mk2 Escorts of this specification which you can actually drive!



Full Day 9.30am - 4.00pm

The full day experience will start with a very short safety briefing and introduction from our professional instructor.

During the introduction our instructor will introduce you to a whole new world of driving techniques as used by competitive rally drivers , although most of these techniques will be againt instinct you will soon learn from behind the wheel that when mastered they will give you the confidence and skills to really drive these cars in a manner in which they are built for!

Learning techniques such as the Scancdinavian flick, Powerslide, Handbrake turn, Brake pressure feel, Steering position, Throttle control etc will give you an insight as to why rallying can be so addictive.

You will start your experience with several tuition drives learning the techniques building your confidence ready for your timed drive against your fellow competitors just be for lunch break.

Congratulations!  you've made it to half way of the rally:-)

After lunch your rally stage is reversed, the same stage but a different direction.

Just when you think you've got it how hard can it be to go the other direction!

4 more drives fine tuning you new found skills and its time for your second timed drive, can you pull it off and be the winner of the driver of the day award?

To finish off your day its payback time, for this one we bring out the big guns!

Now its your turn to experience exactly what its like to be in the passenger seat alongside a top level driver in a TOP SPEC ESCORT MK2 !!

Once your nerves have settled a trophy is presented to the driver of the day.




Cars & Instructors


The Iconic Mk2 Escort's

Our cars are not cars built just as rallyschool cars but actual competitive rally cars built to MSA & FIA standards, these cars actually compete on rallies.

Fully integrated rollcages, bucket seats, full harness seatbelts, full plumbed in fire sytems, coil over suspension, straightcut close ratio gearboxes, 200 BHP competition engines etc.


We are very fussy with our instructors!

All of our instructors are very experienced in both seats, we are proud to say that we have good pedigree instructors, our success has been built by our instructors with some being british championshiip winners over the years.

All of our instructors actively compete.